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My photographs are my personal history, everything I am and everything you are. If you have a beautiful story to tell (and I know you do),you’ve come to the right place.

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I'm a wild flower girl wbo believes in wonders and is dancing barefoot in the rain. 
I am intuitive, unconventional and consider myself as a genuine & artistic storyteller of heartfelt moments and life.
My heart is beating for the perfection found in imperfection, soft wind breezes, golden sundowns, long hugs, kisses in between and the seconds that define who we really are. In simple compositions and with an artistic breeze I capture natural beauty, genuine moments and honest connections of loving souls.
I want to make all the little things in life visible that are part of our story, our human being and our love. My photographs are 100% heartcrafted heirlooms for the darling. 

.. a warm WELCOmE hug TO you.
I tell stories OF LOVE with a camerA.



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"She was light as a feather the whole time and everything felt very natural. She was smiling, laughing and open to all our needs. We trusted her art and she trusted our story." 


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heartcrafted heirlooms

It's not about taking a photo. It's all about crafting genuine memories. The last years I was allowed to follow my couples to heart connected places in the world to tell their lovestory & craft life heirlooms for generations to come.

 Time is our most precious gift, and we should keep every golden heart moment like gold in our minds. It’s all about the raw feelings and emotions that are happening in any given moment, from nervous laughter to sweet looks of love. Let’s capture your natural personalities, unique identites & moments as they unfold in front of my camera. We should really spend some time getting to know each other as friends, so that we can be open and actually enjoy every second together! Wherever in this world you want to celebrate: I am with you. With all my bags, my camera and my heart.

I'm specializing in wild hearted weddings and elopements all around the world. My eyes are always seeking for authenticity, artistry, love, and light. If you're also choosing flowers over plastic and believe there’s no need to add any artificial flavors: we are the perfect match! With a very natural aesthetic I don't overlook the smallest details and shortest moments, because it's the little things in life that contain our identity and reveal who we really are. I want to throw a little bit of magic everywhere I go and visualize your real characters, heart connections and your love.

You deserve heirlooms that will always tell the beautiful story of you: celebrating life. 

How will our children know who they are if they don't
know where they came from?

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Let's connect and create together! Being in love with weddings & elopements my heart is also beating for portraits, family heirlooms, editorial & branding work. Don't hesitate to ask for something that comes to your mind.

If you are a photographer or creative wanting to grab a tea or need some help with your work: yaaay, just write me! I'm happy to help. 

I believe that your photographs should be as magical and GENUINE as you. 


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