My grandmother gave me the name of a flower and my dad says I have been a witch in a past life. I love old architecture, the beauty of simplicity and the woods. My life is about seeking adventures, collecting stories and making memories (and eating carrot cake). I grew up in a small town in Bavaria and still call it home. Homegrown flowers, the scent of freshly baked bread from the traditional bakery around the corner, long hikes, art and crackling candlelight bring joy into my life.  Sounds cliché but my mothers old film camera was my first love affair (sorry, Tim!) and the beginning of my creative career. My academic background in design influences the way I see the world and is the base of my art and craft. I'm happy to see my photographs published in the most influental magazines worldwide and was named as the Rising Star of wedding photography in the World by Rangefinder Magazine New York in 2018. 


director, photographer


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I love to discover lonesome places on earth and experiencing something new every day. Fresh air, the seasons, waves, the mountains.. you name it. I was already living in Canada and hosted open air music festivals to bring people together to celebrate life while feeling the grass under their feet. In this stage of life I never thought I would ever hold a camera in my hands to tell stories about peoples lives. Now I can''t imagine working on something more meaningful than a wedding celebration. It's all about the people that are close to your hearts in your life, all the little gestures and feelings of excitement and the scent of love in the air. Digging deep into your story to understand your path, heartbeat and what makes you who you really are fuels my inspiration. 

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Tim the filmmaker


I was always interested how things work in its core and so I graduated in Engineering. Engineers are the ones who create something that isn’t there already. I also created a lot of music and love good cinema and old movies. This background are my roots when it comes to crafting films. The moment I realized I wanted to tell stories of peoples lives happened on a foggy autumn evening when I sat on the table with my family and my grandmother brought an old casket full old photographs of my forefathers. The old world charme of the past. the beauty of the natural moments and the honest joy mesmerized me. Although the people are long gone their stories are still alive in every frame. They aren't just a memory of their lives but also my explanation where I come from. 


filmmaker, editor

Some photographs of Tims family.