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Intimate mountain Elopement. Anna + Iris.

September 15, 2018

If I had to describe this day in one word? I would say “freedom”.

When I received Iris email and she asked me if I wanted to document their elopement in the mountains I almost fell off my chair.

Two brides. The mountains. An elopement. Oh my god. This was the moment many of my wedding photographer dreams came true in just a few words. And Anna & Iris are really just the loveliest people ever! REALLY.

Anna and Iris celebrated their love with an elopement under the sky, surrounded by the mountains and the most beautiful sky I have ever seen in my life!

The clouds changed its colors from minute to minute and revealed its most beautiful color palette! Documenting Anna & Iris love was something very special for me! Elopements are the most intimate way to celebrate your wedding. You are open to choose the most heart connected place of your life and every moment will be just for you.

No guests. Just your love.

Anna & Iris, you are just wonderful and I feel SO appreciated that you have chosen me to document your LOVE!

You are showing what love and freedom really means. Thank you!

Btw: Iris made her dream as an wedding speaker (based in Nuremberg) come true this year. So if you’re still looking for someone to make your free ceremony even more beautiful: she’s your cup of tea!

If you’re planning an elopement anywhere in Europe this world: we’re you’re elopement photographer & videographer team! Let’s do this.

Flowers: Blumen Bingold

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