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Austria and the wild flowers. Mountain destination wedding in Austria. Gaby + Ash.

September 5, 2018

Gaby & Ash promised their love in front of the mountains. The place, Gaby was born. The place, all of Gabys childhood memories live. And the place, she’s the most connected with her roots. Gaby & Ash met in the UK, where Ash grew up and Gaby moved to. And that’s where their worlds met and grew to something beautiful: their love.

Home is where the heart is

Isn’t life the best and most surprising thing ever? You spend your whole life somewhere in this world, move to a completely new space, and this will be the destination you will start a new journey of your life: finding your love.

It was such a beautiful day full of light-hearted moments, laughter, pretzels from the small local bakery, family & friends from all over the world and little details that reveal who Gaby & Ash really are: a wild and happy couple full of love for the light moments in life. Deeply connected by their love and always carrying their roots in their hearts. And hey.. isn’t Gaby just beautiful running barefoot through the wild meadows in front of the mountains?

What a beautiful day.

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