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Oh Siena.

October 30, 2018

Siena is one of the most fascinating provinces in Tuscany as well as a charming medieval town!

Some places in this world just leave you speechless.

And for us,  Siena is one of those places. We got lost in all those old abbeys that tell so many stories.

It is worth keeping one’s eyes open while walking and, whildoing so, to look to the left and right..

there is some hidden magic.

The city speaks in a truth with you, so that you can honestly feel it.

We just enjoyed every little corner, genuine italian ice-cream, watching craftsmen working under the sky, a feeling of freedom and grace, the birds that guided us through all those abbeys.

We carry every impression and every feeling deep within our hearts. Something we don’t want too much about our travel blogposts is telling too much about a city. We just want to visualize how it touched our hearts.

Siena, you will have us again!


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