Rangefinder Magazine Award: I am a Rising Star of Wedding Photography in the world 2018

November 2, 2018

I was waking up at night, and somehow I felt that I needed to check my emails.

Somehow my eyes were already sparkling even though I didn’t know what would happen in the next moment (that’s what you call intuition I think!).

“You are a Rising Star of Wedding Photography 2018, congratulations.”

“Tim, I just got an email from Rangefinder. I am one of their Rising Stars 2018.” – “Oh Darling, that’s exciting news.” SNOOOOOOZE.

I would love to write a story here how exciting this moment was! I would love to tell you that we danced in the kitchen and drank a bottle of wine. But the truth is: We didn’t. Because we couldn’t really believe what was happening here. And writing those lines, reading my name on Rangefinder again and again, flipping through the sites of this printed magazine.. yes, somehow I slowly realize it: I am a rising star of wedding photography 2018.

It’s already one day since Rangefinder revealed their list and I feel like I’m the only one of all photographers who hasn’t shared a post yet or shown off the submission.. But today is the day I REALIZE that all this really happened!

This morning I got up and felt like someone has just poured a a bucket of stardust above my head! (Can recommend achieving this feeling to everyone out there!)

I just want to say THANK YOU! Thank you to my wonderful family which is always standing behind me and cheering on me. No matter what I do. I’m a person which is struggling with doubts sooo many times. There are days in my life I get up in the morning and feel like the worst photographer out there. But who is feeling awesome everyday? I have already gone through stages in my photography life I didn’t know if I was really made to be a photographer because there are so many freaking amazing people out there doing a WONDERFUL job. But there were people always believing in me. In what I do. And that’s what kept my fire alive. I can’t be more thankful for my real friends (believe me, if you are having 5 real FRIENDS in your life that’s a lot!) who are always like a mirror for me. Going through the good and the bad with me. And I can’t be more thankful for my wonderful bridal couples. I don’t want to say clients because we don’t have this weird relationship. I am allowed to be so close in peoples lives. They share their life moments with me and their LOVE. One of the most precious things anyone could ever share with me. You are GOLD. Not to forget Tim.. he really celebrated the 30-Rising-Star-Day to his fullest! Started the day cooking breakfast, doing a bicycle tour with me and eating at my favourite japanese restaurant although he craved for mexican burgers! Do I need to say more how this man puts all of his love into me?

So and here comes my special straight-from-the-heart-awesome-thank-you: Thank you RANGEFINDER! Thanks to all of the editors, directors and all of the lovely people out there who work so much for making all this possible! You are the ones that always keep this industry going! You’re the one that make dreams come true for so many photographers out there! You are the ones that make people chase for the stars! THANK YOU.

And just one last thing I wish everyone (because I really had to learn it for such a long and hard time): Believe in yourself. You are so full of love and wonders. It’s time to show the world how amazing you are! If there’s anyone telling you that you can’t chase dreams: Throw a bucket of stardust in his face! If I can do this, you can totally do this!



Here you will find the amazing article on Rangefinder and all of the other Rising Stars (whooop whooop):

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