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Gone with the wind. Enagegement heirlooms. Katharina + Marco.

October 6, 2018

Do you know what’s the most wonderful gift for me being a photographer? Being allowed to be so close in peoples lives.

Being allowed getting to know what their love is about. And clicking the shutter when I feel like there’s a moment of truth and love. This here are photographs of Katha & Marcos love, revealing who they really are. When I asked Marco about their relationship and what they love most about each other, he was an open book. And if you read the following lines, you will understand every single one of those photographs.

Thank you so much, Katha & Marco. For letting me be so close. For having so much fun. And for all those beautiful moments in the sunset surrounded by our home. Franconia.

What Marco said about their love:

..but above all, it is things like music, joy of life and family that make us a unit.

My strengths are Kathas potentials and the reverse is true.

Where I’m loud, she is quiet. Where I am slippery, she is correct and 100%. Where I am open, she is closed. Where I show indifference, she takes the issues to heart. Where I get the money out, she tries to save. Wherever I’m messy, she is Master Propper. If possible, we try to be good people and to live sustainably. We are not egoists and give our last shirt to people we love and love. We’d rather go one step too far, than not enough. And Katharina manages to surprise me again and again after more than twelve years of relationship. I could list many more examples that show how we differ. And that’s exactly why we work so well together. We know each other, we trust each other and together we create a symbiosis. Together we are an unbeatable team …. Most importantly, we love each other like the first day.”

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